Parishes & Missions


Metropolitan Bishop Vittorio

Coming from an Orthodox understanding with a Western application, proclaiming the Holy Scriptures and Sacred Tradition. The Church’s belief is to preserve and teach the Faith of the Apostles, handed to them from Jesus Christ. The Divine Liturgy is the Center of our Faith. Our Liturgy, the Divine Liturgy of Saint Gregory the Great. Expressing the Seven Holy Mysteries.

Parish and Mission Sites, Pittsburgh Area


Office of the Metropolitan (412-586-5621)Archbishop Victor Cianca

Chancery- 108 Locust Street, South Side Slopes, Pittsburgh, Pa

The Chapel of the Holy Magi, Divine Liturgy Sundays 5 pm  (Liturgy of St. Gregorey the Great)


Casa da Theotokos (814-670-0939)

Oil City, PA.

Open to All to Come and Rest in Christ

Parish of St Peter and Paul (412-892-8844)

St. Peter’s
4048 Brownsville Road
Brentwood PA

Rector, Father William Dorsch

Divine Liturgy, Sunday 5 pm (Anglican Usage)

The Mission of the Most Holy Trinity (724-698-3207

Chapel of De Carbo Funeral Home
Cunningham Avenue
New Castle PA

Brother Nemo, CJ

Call for Liturgy Times, Devotions, and Sick Calls

House of Anoiting at Bethany (Convent)

Sarah Street
Pittsburgh, PA

Sister Maria Reparata Mother

Private Devotions